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Top rated netbooks

We can’t say for sure what exact laptops are between the lists top rated netbooks, but we can certainly recall that last time we checked Asus was between the most liked brands when it comes to such products.

We decided to make a review on several netbooks from Asus and you may want to check some of these, because not only are they good looking but they’re really effective in the same time and they’re products you want to take into account whenever it comes to purchasing new gadgets.

So, we would like to start with the Asus Eee PC 1001P Seashell netbook that has at the basis the Windows XP Home operating system, also let’s add that it’s ideal whenever it comes to daily computing and its battery life resistance seems to indicate it. There’s also the Intel Atom N450 processor that stands at the basis and that is going to turn out a really impressive feature in the same time. the other thing that we wanted to mention about and stands between the top features of this laptops is the Asus Super Hybrid Engine technology that is really great whenever it comes to the battery life resistance of this gadget and in the same time it offers power efficiency.

Eee PC 1001P Seashell

Eee PC 1001P Seashell 2

There’s also the Dual OS with Express gate, that will help you surf with ease and it’s indeed a useful feature surrounding this laptop.

The ergonomic keyboard is just great for being used; let’s not forget that the multi-touch touchpad is going to offer you an interesting experience which you’re going to love in the same time- there will be no difficulties whenever it comes to using it.

The other product that we wanted to introduce between the lists of top rated netbooks is definitely this one and it’s the Asus PC 1001PX Seashell laptop. This one disposes as well of a Windows 7 Starter operating system that is really easy to use and to take into account. This one makes sure that you get advantage of a 9 hours battery life, which is more than enough sometimes and it guarantees an interesting mobile computer experience. We need to mention as well about the Intel Atom N450 processor, which is really effective and you’re going to love all the things surrounding it.

Eee PC 1001PX Seashell

Eee PC 1001PX Seashell 2

There’s also the Asus Super Hybrid Engine technology that is the main thing that boosts your laptop into working that much and it offers the power efficiency that you need.

Also, we have to add the ergonomic keyboard, which needs to be mentioned and that is really easy to use as well as the multi-touch touchpad that makes sure you’re going to enjoy an interesting mobile computer experience. There’s also the Eee Docking feature that needs to be taken into account and it permits you to access useful tools.

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