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Toshiba accessories for notebooks 2

We promise to end with the suggestions that concern laptop accessories and we will come back with some other ones in the future period of time. We hope that you enjoyed reading about our examples up to this moment and that you considered purchasing some of these because they can turn out to be really handy and effective.

We start our presentation with the Toshiba 32GB Hi-Speed USB 2.0 retractable flash drive that costs around $79.99. This stick is handy when it comes to carrying, storing and transferring all the important data from your laptop on the accessory and the reverse way. This accessory is designed in a slim manner in order for you to carry it around really easily. Just think of all the multimedia files, graphics and digital music you can store on your flash drive.

Let’s see what is this one all about: it’s Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certifies, with the plug-and-play feature you can install it every time you wish, there are really fast transfer rates (21.1MB/sec read and 10MB/sec write), there’s also the Dual Memory Channel and the high speed USB controller that permit fast data transfer speeds, and in the same time there’s no need of external power. Another thing that you need to know is the fact that it has RoHS compliant, it needs Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems, it’s compatible with any laptop and you can observe a blue LED every time this flash is in use.

Toshiba 32GB Hi-Speed USB 2.0

Next as a suggestion is the Toshiba 500GB 2.5” 5400RPM notebook internal hard drive SATA that can be found around the price of $89.99. This one, as the other that we’ve presented in another article of ours is compatible with every laptop that can be found on the market and you can store as many files and applications as you wish! This is its major advantage and we totally recommend it to you in case you don’t have enough space on your gadget.

For this accessory there’s needed a professional installation and let’s mention that it’s compatible with the Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Mac and Linux operating systems. Also, let’s mention that it has an Intelligent SATA interface, PMR Technology, TMR Recording Head Technology, NCQ Support, there’s also the read/write cache that permits increased performance, and with the low consumption there’s some energy saved.

Toshiba 500GB 2.5” 5400RPM Notebook Internal Hard Drive - SATA

As you can see these aren’t expensive at all and come in really handy every time you need them. Be sure that you won’t remain disappointed if you decide to purchase them.

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