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Toshiba accessories

Because we want to help you all the time we have here some suggestions that will definitely seem useful in your daily activity of mobile computing. We’re certain that you have a general idea in what concerns the usage of sleeves for laptops.

We have here some suggestions of accessories for netbooks and we’re certain that they’re going to come in handy in case you’re looking for such products.

Here’s how we start with some sleeves from Toshiba and you’re going to enjoy reading about them pretty much.

So, the first one that we want to mention about consists of a slip case that is designed in cosmic black and it’s designed especially for 10.1” laptops. In this one you can add mini notebooks and netbooks that have up to 10.1”.

Also, let’s mention that you can place your gadget with ease here and it’s not going to have any problems when it comes to being transported or something like that. It has a friendly design and you can carry it alone in your hand or placing it in other suitcase, also it has a stylish design and you can be certain that your laptop is going to look gorgeous in it. Also, there’s a free space for an AC adapter and a battery pack as well.

Toshiba accessories 2

Let’s also add that you have a built-in handle for it and it’s definitely gorgeous looking with it and this means that you can carry it with you in all the places you go. Another thing that we need to mention is the fact that you can buy this sleeve around the price of $17 and this is more than convenient from our perspective.

The next product that we want to suggest to you as an accessory is this back slip case that costs around $25. This one is also a Toshiba product. If you buy this package you also receive a cosmic black slip case and a black mini USB.

So, the sleeve is conceived for notebooks that have a display size up to 10.1” and it makes sure that your laptop is cozy there and that you don’t encounter any difficulties when it comes to placing your laptop there.

Toshiba accessories 3

Let’s also mention that with the help of this sleeve you can easily carry your gadget in all the places you intend on going and that it’s definitely going to be protected there.

There’s also the mouse that we want to mention about, it’s lightweight and you can be certain that it’s going to be a really easy task to carry it in all the places you go. The retractable cord design makes sure you don’t encounter any difficulties when it comes to using this accessory.

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