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Toshiba Libretto W100

Toshiba brings its consumers outstanding products that please all tastes. Such a great product is the Toshiba Libretto W100 and it will take your breath as soon as you read about its features, but most of all you’re going to feel astonished by its great looks.

For starters let’s mention some basic features concerning the Libretto W100 product: it has dual-screen freedom with both sides only with displays, you may think that being so thin and lightweight (1.5 lbs) it won’t be resistant, but on the contrary: it’s durable with its clamshell design that is pretty great looking and gorgeous, the last things that we have to mention concern the multi-mode keyboards that are really easy to use.

We were mentioning something about the dual-screen versatility, well we’re back with these features…. You have to know that there are two 7” displays with touch screen features that make sure that you enjoy a wonderful mobile computer experience without encountering too many difficulties – tap and enjoy! No keyboard involved, just gold the gadget in any position you like and enjoy movies, videos and photos. The track pad is ideal when it comes to clicking, browsing and typing….
The Libretto PC is thinner and lighter than the thinnest laptop ever existing up to this moment, it weighs less than two pounds and you can be sure that it’s pretty comfortable when it comes to being carried around. You may think that being a light weight product it doesn’t permit you to store too many things on it, but on the contrary! You have all the space you need for your music, clips, photos and all the applications you want. All of these things under a black metallic finish that looks pretty great.

The Intel Pentium processor makes everything easier for you! Games, movies, ebooks or TV can be experienced on this Libretto PC and together with the Windows 7 Home Premium these will seem great and easy to be handled. The Intel processor that was just mentioned previously has energy saving features and lets you enjoy your mobile computer for some extra time.

In this petite multi-talented gadget you find also the wireless freedom and this means that you get advantage of the Internet features while you’re on the run and you do it in a very fast manner. The integrated webcam permits you to maintain video conferences while you’re on the run and the Bluetooth v2.1 permits you to get rid of chords in case you want to use a mouse, speakers or some headphones.

As you can observe there are only great things to be mentioned about this gadget and it isn’t available yet on the market, so there’s time left for you to save money until August and there’s no need to mention that it is conceived in a special edition, or is it?

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