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Toshiba Metropolitan Carrying case

Besides the great range of laptops and electronic gadgets, Toshiba brings to you numerous variants for accessories as well and between these we’ve chosen to make a review on the Toshiba Metropolitan Carrying Case so that you have all the piece of information needed…. You can apply perfectly for this pouch in case you’re a person that carries his laptop all day long and you’re on the run.

This sleeve holds laptops up to 16” displays and it contains two separate compartments in order for your laptop to have room there and be protected and also to add extra stuff there if needed. Be sure that the external lid of your laptop will be perfectly protected in case you apply for this accessory. There are a lot of pockets that will turn out handy when you decide to add some of your work accessories.
So, we’ve added that 16” screen laptops fit perfectly in this sleeve, let’s also mention that there’s a front organizer compartment that has 3 large adjustable sections for all the ends or odds. Some other features included are: the large zipper mesh pocket that keeps items in one place and the organizer panel as well, also, there’s the construction of 1690D ballistic polyester that means extra durability, the resistant metal hardware, the non-slip and adjustable shoulder strap, the handles, the trolley strap for easy handling, the “feet” make sure that your pouch will resist wonderful in a position, besides the numerous pockets presented up to this moment, there are others that make sure that you have at the tip of your fingers all the items you like and to this one there are added other three. And to all the great things added up to this moment let’s mention that this sleeve has another pouch that will make sure you hold there all the cords and AC adapters needed.

You can find this classical sleeve in a black or grey variant and it has all the space needed in this world. So you’ve got all the reason for buying this accessory in case you’re a person that is always on the run and needs to attend his or her business place with the gadget attached.

So, this carrying case holds laptops underneath 16” displays or even 16”. We’re sure that you’re going to feel interested after reading about it, because it sounds pretty great and it’s worth every penny. Oh, and we forgot to mention that it costs around $60 and we’re sure that you’re thinking of purchasing it. This price is taken from Toshiba’s official site and we think that you can find it in other places if you really want to buy something similar to it….

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