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Toshiba NB 250

In case you were looking for a laptop that is very easy to be carried around and can be used only for simple tasks then it means that the offer that we’re making to you is ideal. We’re speaking about the Toshiba NB250 netbook with a starting price of $288.99.

This gadget is an award winning product and it is designed with the comfort in mind, also the battery life resistance is just great and let’s also mention that’s reliable and durable in the same time.

So, this laptop is pretty nice when it comes to viewing and typing. It has a full size display and a great touchpad that is just ideal to be used. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the 10.1” LED backlit display that is great with watching movies while you’re on the run. You can find it in a great looking color and it’s really elegant in the same time.

Another fact that we want to mention about is the fact that this gadget is Eco-conscious and that it helps you save a lot of power and energy, even if you’re using it. This is the “greenest” netbook that you’re going to be able to find and it’s Energy Star compliant. Just think of it: it’s light and really easy to be carried around and it’s really effective in the same time. What more could you ask for?

The Intel Atom processor offers you plenty of things that you can do in your daily computing experience, like blogging, emails and surfing on the net. Let’s mention that the wireless features make sure that you can use your gadget’s functions no matter where you find yourself and you can keep in touch with the newest pieces of information. Another thing that we would like to specify about is the Windows 7 Starter operating system that makes computing a simplified thing.

So, you can get advantage of your netbook all day long. There are so many things that can be done with its help and most of all, keep into account that it’s a small gadget that will hold your back all the day. Indeed, a great thing and we know that you wouldn’t have expected such a thing.

The LED backlit display is ideal when the surrounding light doesn’t help you at all. This features is activated immediately and let’s also mention that it’s mercury-free, which means that you can easily help the environment.

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