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Toshiba Portable USB 2.0 DVD SuperMulti Drive

For those that do not have DVD drive integrated in their personal gadget it seems that we’ve got just the right solution and it’s named the Toshiba Portable USB 2.0 DVD SuperMulti Drive. This accessory can be found around the price of $100 and you’re going to see exactly how great it is in the lines to come….

With this DVD SuperMulti Drive loading software, watching movies and backing up files will be a piece of cake from now on. This is a really thin and light product that is ideal when it comes to playing and burning CDs and DVDs no matter where you are. In case your laptop or netbook doesn’t have an optical drive then this means that this is indeed the right solution for you, because it’s lightweight and sleek in the same time and it’s really efficient too.

You can record as many hours of videos onto your DVDs or CDs for as long as you can, after this you can play it on another device in order to spend a pleasant time into your household and not only…. Let’s also mention that you can back up critical files on DVD-RAM….

So, let’s see what is this accessory all about, shall we? Well, it’s ultra-portable and sleek and you can definitely carry it all around the places you go, there’s also the easy play and plug operation, it’s powered with the help of an USB and there’s no need of an AC adapter. Let’s also mention that there’s the Tray Loading Drive that permits you easy access to media, the Buffer Under Run Free Technology permits you stable writing under high speed. Are you afraid of the fact that it produces too much sound? Well, you shouldn’t be, because it has the Automatic Ball Balancing System that reduces the noise and vibration.

Some other things that you need to know are: the fact that it supports 8cm and 12cm optical disks, it includes writing software and playback for the Linux and Windows operating systems, there’s only the capability of recording a single or double-layer of DVDs and to DVD-RAM as well. The software applications included are Burn.Now, LinDVD and WlnDVD.

As mentioned previously this accessory has small dimensions and it weighs little, you can be sure that it’s really easy to be carried around and that it will turn out handy in any situation. We hope that you consider it in the same way and that it sounds interesting in the same time. Also, we consider this topic as a helping hand for those that have gadgets without optical drives and we know just unpleasant this thing is, because sometimes is necessary to burn a CD or DVD in the absence of a stick and in case of emergency….

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