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Toshiba Portégé R700

We’re here with a new series of laptops and we’re sure that you’re going to feel really pleased to read about it: it’s the Portégé R700 series from Toshiba and we’re convinced that you’re going to clearly like it. The basic words related to this line are: innovations, exceptional battery life, it’s really durable, light and thin and you can carry it with you no matter where you are. Did we make you interested? Well, you should be! And the starting price? It’s pretty convenient for all the things exposed here: $889.99.

Although it’s really thin and light this laptop displays powerful features and you can be sure that it won’t let you down. This one has an Intel Core processor that would be ideal when it comes to multitasking and playing a lot of games, loading programs and working in different applications.

The magnesium exterior makes sure that this thin gadget is really strong in the same time and as you can see: it’s string physically and internally as well. These are things that definitely need to be taken into consideration.
The cooling features make sure that you use your gadget longer, cooler and better. This will be just great in case you decide to go on a business trip or something like that…

Besides the fact that it’s really mobile Toshiba Portégé R700 has also a long battery resistance life, fact that is quite great in the case of those people that were just mentioned previously. How long does its battery resist? Well, the answer is for about 8 and half hours, which is more than enough!

You may think that carrying it from a place to another involves a lot of risks, well it is exactly in that way because there are a lot of shocks to which it can be exposed, but have no fear because it has some features related to this thing and we’re sure that these will be more than effective in case you drop your gadget.

There’s also the Toshiba power saving eco utility that helps you save some extra power, the LED backlit uses less energy and this is a marvelous thing.

We were speaking about some features that protect the interior, well, to be more precise we were referring to the Hard Drive Impact Sensor that will definitely make sure your data is ok.

And speaking about protection and things like that…. The keyboard is spill-resistant and this great, because every now and then accidents can happen and you don’t want to ruin a great looking gadget, which is pretty strong in the same time, would you?

The 13.3” display is ideal when it comes to viewing movies and enjoying a wonderful time. Also with the help of the HDMI port you can view your favorite movies on a large HDTV.

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