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Toshiba Protégé M780 Tablet PC

The laptop we want to present to you is under the logo “performance with a twist”. We get the idea, because we’re speaking in particularly of a tablet pc, to be more specific Toshiba’s Protégé M780. This gadget has as basic features the convertibility from a notebook to a tablet, it has a digital pen, also it is touch screen-capable and it has full performance processors!

The starting price for this product is $1,499; depending on the type of processor you choose the price may come up to $1,799. The configuration of this laptop can be based on the newest processors on the market, meaning Intel Core i3, i5 or i7!

Protégé M780 Tablet computer has a 12.1” backlit display, which is convertible! You can transform an ordinary notebook into a fine tablet. As a notebook the gadget has normal features, like keyboard and touchpad. By twisting it into a Tablet PC, you’ll be able to take notes easier, review documents and different electronic forms filling. Say goodbye to ordinary displays! This one gives you vivid colors and images, and on top of all it uses less power than other displays.
With the help of Intel Core processors, you’ll have a marvelous gadget that is really efficient and can be used at the workplace. If you’re a business person then this Tablet PC\notebook will certainly be at help in your most needing moments….

The Toshiba Protégé M780 has an integrated optical drive, meaning the DVD SuperMulti drive that permits you to back-up data, share or load up different applications and programs.

You may think that with its flexibility the gadget may be damaged fast! Well, on the contrary, this Tablet PC is so resistant, because after all it has the Toshiba quality and long-resistance. One of the features that seem to speak for us is the spill resistant keyboard, which means that you can drink coffee calmly in proximity to your gadget. The other great feature that tells us about the reliability of this gadget is the EasyGuard Technology that helps you in case you accidentally bump your gadget or spill liquids on it…..

Your gadget will be fully protected by the feature that reads your fingerprints, so there will not be any intruders! You have a Trusted Platform Module that protects your data and Computrace will help you in case you loose your data!

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