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Toshiba Protégé M780

Toshiba Protégé M780 is an interesting gadget and it has the convertibility from a notebook form to a tablet look and format. This is a nice mixture and we’re sure that this laptop is effective as nice as it looks. This one has the digital pen and it’s touch screen capable in the same time. You can find this amazing notebook at a starting price of $1,279 and this is more than you can wish for, isn’t that right?

This Tablet PC has at the basis the newest line of Intel Core vPro processors and it’s more than effective when it comes to helping you in all your business applications and procedures. Also, efficiency is increased and its intelligent performance is going to be more than you could ever want.

You can back up your data or load different programs with the help of the DVD SyperMulti drive. It sounds indeed interesting, isn’t that right?

Toshiba Protégé M780 2

The spill resistant keyboard is great if any accidents happen, your internal part of the gadget will always be guarded and this is the dream of every living consumer of laptops. There’s also the EasyGuard Technology that makes sure all your data will be saved in case any accident happen and this is wonderful, because accidents can happen every now and then and this means a worry free experience, isn’t that right?

The 12.1” display is going to be useful when it comes to note taking, reviewing documents or any other electronic forms for filling. The visuals offered by this gadget’s display are also amazing and we’re sure that this will definitely be a marvelous experience: tap and get advantage of the screen normally! What more could you wish for.

Toshiba Protégé M780 3

The fingerprint reader makes sure that no stranger penetrates your personal documents and applications and so, you get rid of unwanted access with only a finger. There’s also the Trusted Platform Module and the Computrace features that are meant for this thing as well.

In case you don’t want to use your fingers for tapping the most effective thing would be to apply for a Tablet Pen, which is ideal in this cases and it won’t harm your laptop’s display. This digital stylus can be bought separately from the Tablet PC and we consider it inexpensive. You can find it around the price of $34.99 from Toshiba’s official site. Does this sound tempting enough to you? Well, it should be!

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