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Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q850

We were browsing and browsing and we struck over the Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q850 Laptop and we saw that it’s presented as being the laptop of the year. This made us curious and we wanted to see what’s so great about it?! To start, we saw that it has a starting price of $1,899.99 and it is no longer available in retail stores. Ok, this must mean something and we begun browsing for its features and we came to the conclusion that it’s worth it, but you probably already know that!

This gadget has an Intel Core i7 processor, with which you can easily play your favorite 3D games, also you’ll be able to edit pictures, videos, or music. You can easily multitask on your gadget, without having to do with any difficulties.

The feature that announces you things about your gadget before they become great problems is called Health Monitor. You will be announced prematurely if your battery needs to be recharged or the temperature of the gadget isn’t proper. You’ll be able to protect your gadget against shocks and things like that.

With the Blu-ray feature you’ll see your favorite movies and shows in vivid colors and at a high-level. Things like these will seem piece of cake with your high-resolution display and its great proprieties.
The Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q850 has built-in webcam and microphones that permit you to chit chat with your friends and close ones. You’ll be able to collaborate with your friends and have videoconferences! Boredom is a word that shouldn’t exist in your dictionary! With this gadget everything will be much easier and having fun is the primary thing that you can do with it! You’ll leave the serious stuff for later…..

In case the light in the room isn’t advantaging you, there’s also that feature in which the keyboard has backlight! You’re going to be able to continue the stuff you were doing and press all the keys you want, because this laptop has a LED backlit keyboard.

Has your phone remained without battery? Do you have your Toshiba laptop with you? There will be no problem in recharging your mobile phone, because with a simple wire you can connect it to the laptop and the task will be resolved, no matter if the Qosmio laptop is on or off.

You can have a smart password with this gadget. And we’re talking in particular about the Face Recognition feature that assures you that your data is safe and no one will harm your files, documents and applications.

Use your fingers on the touchpad! Scroll, swipe, pinch and rotate your fingers on the touchpad! Getting to the files and application will be a piece of cake with this touchpad! The last feature we want to talk about is the numeric pad with 10 keys! You can type easier and play all the games you want with it!

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