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Toshiba Satellite C640

In case you don’t want to purchase a classic netbook and you want to go to the next level, but in the same time you’re not that amazed of the idea of buying a laptop then you’re in the right spot because we thought it would be a really great idea to share with you an amazing gadget from Toshiba, namely the Toshiba Satellite C640.

The Toshiba Satellite C640 laptop in only some words…. It has a gorgeous and ultrathin design, it has a screen area which is bigger than that of a netbook and you can be sure that with the battery life resistance that it has you’re going to be able to use the gadget for a longer mobile computer experience. All of these features, to which we add others of course, around the price of $469.99.
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So, the Toshiba Satellite C640 is really light and thin and also it has gorgeous mobility to which we add the great battery life. Another thing that we want to add is the fact that it delivers a high level of performance, which you expect to find in laptops and bigger gadgets and this is due to the processor technologies from AMD. Think of the fact that you’re going to be able to watch a movie with ease and you do it without the laptop dragging you down.

Toshiba Satellite C640

We mentioned that this gadget is bigger than a netbook and the HD TruBrite LED backlit display is going to offer all the space you need and its exact dimension is 14”. Besides this feature there’s also the full – sized keyboard which is really easy to use and in the same time you can use with ease the large touchpad without encountering any difficulties.

Toshiba Satellite C640 2The battery life resistance of the Toshiba Satellite C640 is prolonged and it’s not going to let you down even with a single charge. This means that you’re going to be able to study, plan and work and even play for hours and hours, without having the fear that the battery is going to get “empty”.

The thin and stylish design of the Toshiba Satellite C640 is really great to be taken into account and this means that you’re going to be able to use the laptop and carry it in all the places you intend on going. So, this laptop weight less than four pounds and it’s less than one inch thin. To all of these we add the fact that there’s the gorgeous finish that can be encountered in some ranges of colors.

You can enjoy movies all day long on the Toshiba Satellite C640 and this is something most of the consumers dream of, besides the fact that this particular laptop is designed in a gorgeous manner!

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