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Toshiba Satellite Pro T110 series review

Here’s how we decided to make a review over the Toshiba Satellite Pro T110 series and we hope that you appreciate these products as much as we do. This gadget is much bigger than a notebook and it’s a perfect alternative for you the student, professor or any other person who is on the run. This notebook has a 11.6” HD TruBrite display.

Let’s see some other features regarding these gadgets: the Intel Celeron processor, the Windows 7 operating system and many other things that will make you enjoy your gadget while you’re in another place far away from home. Oh, let’s not forget the starting price of this gadget which is $479.

Shall we go into deeper details regarding this gadget? We guess that we should…. We already mentioned about the 11.6” display, but we didn’t mention the fact that it’s backlit and that will show you marvelous videos and films and you’ll completely understand what’s in there even though it’s dark in your room.

We also specified the fact that it has a Windows 7 Home Premium operating system and the Intel processor. Let’s also say that it has an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator, 2 GB DDR3, 250 GB HD, a Realtek 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN and 10/100 Ethernet too.
Another great thing is the fact that if you happen to drop your mobile gadget, you can be sure that the inside is ok because it has the Toshiba HD 3D Impact Sensor that will surely help you in these situations. There is also a touchpad, which allows your multiple touch and it corresponds perfectly.

This line of notebooks is really thin and light and as mentioned previously you’re going to be able to carry it everywhere you. Also, another thing regarding portability is the fact that the battery life goes up to 8 hours and a half with the 6-cell accessory!

Some other things regarding this gadget are the HDMI port, which permits you to see the latest movies on a wide screen in your living room or bedroom. There’s also the one USB sleep-and-charge and two 2.0 USB ports. We feel like mentioning that it’s also the 5-in-1 memory card reader slot also….

Besides all the things mentioned above, there’s also the built-in webcam that allows you to maintain discussions with your closest ones or even enter in conferences. This camera has a microphone and stereo speakers and also the Toshiba Face Recognition feature. Some other Toshiba features included in these notebooks are: Media Controller, Bulletin Board, PC Health Monitor, Online Backup and also the ReelTime. All in all these are designed to help you and make your life easier when you use these gadgets.

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