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Toshiba Satellite T100

Here’s another great product, thin and designed especially to satisfy your daily needs. We’re talking about the Toshiba Satellite T100. This gadget has a starting price of $499.99 and depending on the configuration you choose for it the price can increase, but it won’t be too much, because in this gadget’s description one can encounter the words “not ultraexpensive” which tells us many things!

Carrying around this gadget with you won’t represent a problem, because it’s especially designed with a long resistant battery, up to nine hours of battery life. So you can take it no matter where you go: school, work or town…. It’s just wonderful to carry around your gadget without being afraid that its battery will run out from a moment to another.

Make everybody around jealous with the great looking aspect of this gadget. The external lid looks simply delightful: it has a glossy aspect and it can be found in three unique nuances Black, White and Nova Red.

If this gadget is great looking and it’s lightweight it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have powerful features either: low voltage and energy-smart processors from Intel and AMD, DDR3 memory and up to 320 GB space. As you can see there are other motivating things into buying this gadget and we’re glad to say that!

Toshiba Satellite T1002

If you buy this notebook you’ll obtain a 1-year international warranty and the Hard Drive Impact Sensor that will protect your gadget fully. So here are some other great things…. It gets better and better as you can observe.

How thin this gadget is? Well it’s thicker less than one inch and it weighs less than four pounds! So you have all the motifs of carrying it with you: long life battery, thin, great aspect and powerful technical features! And most of all it not expensive! Besides all these things you should also know that it’s designed especially to protect the surrounding nature, the screen is mercury free and it’s great for energy efficiency….

Toshiba Satellite T1003

Use the HDMI in order to switch from a gadget to another! Play your favorite games, watch movies and listen to music on a home theater with the help of this accessory!

Up until now you can observe that it’s great as a gadget and you can be sure that it won’t let you down…. So go for it!

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