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Toshiba Satellite T230

Toshiba Satellite T230 is a laptop that we’re sure you’re going to love reading about. This one has a very ultrathin design, ideal for computing on the go and it has a long battery life resistance in the same time. These are the things that can be said basically about it. Also, let’s mention that it has a starting price of $549.99, fact that is pretty great and we’re sure that you feel enchanted in what concerns this aspect.

Besides the fact that it’s ultrathin as we mentioned previously, the Toshiba Satellite T230 is very light and easy to be managed around. Also, with the processor technologies from AMD and Intel it assures you’re going to receive a long battery life resistance, fact that will please you more than enough. This means that you can take your gadget in all the places you intend on going and you can get advantage of its features in a very delightful manner and without worrying about the fact that its battery won’t resist to your procedures.

This gadget is only 1” thin and this means that you won’t even feel that it’s around and besides this aspect let’s also mention that it has a great looking design with stunning colors from where you can choose from.
The 13.3” HD TruBrite LED backlit display has a 16:9 widescreen display that is ideal when it comes to seeing movies and projects and all the things you want. The laptop is ideal when it comes to multitasking and you won’t encounter any problems while you’re doing it.

The full sized keyboard is ideal to be used and you won’t encounter any problems when it comes to typing and things like that. The touchpad is also really big and it is a pleasure to use it. You won’t have any problems when it comes to using these.

The USB Sleep-and-Charge feature makes sure that you can charge your smart phone while you’re on the run and you can do this even if your laptop is plugged off. In case it happens for you to trip and your laptop goes down and suffers an accident all your data will be saved due to the Hard Drive Impact Sensor, which is a feature that is more than useful in case accidents happen. But you wouldn’t want some bad things to happen to your laptop!

The HDMI input is ideal when it comes to watching all your movies on a large HD screen and we’re sure that you won’t encounter any problems concerning this feature.

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