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Toshiba Tecra R10 business laptop

Are you searching for a laptop that has a lightweight and sleek design together with power, reliability and durability? Well, it’s not hard at all, because you can find all these features in the Toshiba Tecra R10 laptop.

This laptop has a starting price of $1,399 and you can find it in different configurations. So, the basic configuration that corresponds with the price to is this one: the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, a Windows 7 Professional operating system, 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM, the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500 MHD graphics, 250 GB HDD and a DVD-SuperMulti Drive.

Toshiba Tecra R10 business laptop

These have been all added in order to make a general idea concerning this great looking gadget, but these aren’t the only great things about this laptop as you’re going to observe in the lines to come….

So, this gadget has a LED backlit display, which will definitely be useful every time you want to use your gadget in the entertainment goal, but not only. Also, when the surrounding light doesn’t help you the features of this display will and you’re going to see just how effective this gadget will get.

This business laptop with the big display, the 14.1” screen will turn out to be useful in your multitasking procedures and also in getting advantage of the multimedia features too. The backlit feature that was mentioned above will help this gadget save some energy and so you’re going to increase the battery life of your laptop.

Toshiba Tecra R10 business laptop2

The Intel processor with the vPro technology makes sure that you’re going to stay online and with your gadget unplugged for a long, long time. Also it brings high performance and you can definitely get advantage of the multitasking features.

The EasyGuard technology protects your hardware, so in case it happens something with your laptop on the exterior it will be protected on the interior. Also there’s the PC Health Monitor that makes sure that everything works properly and it is alright. Aren’t you convinced of buying the Toshiba Tecra R10 yet? Well you will be finally!

The magnesium alloy design is what makes this business laptop so thin and light and also this doesn’t mean that it hasn’t got good technical features, but on the contrary you observed already what it is all about.

Toshiba Tecra R10 business laptop3

Use the integrated microphone and the webcam in order to realize video conferences with your business pals or talks with your friends and family while you’re on the run and you really miss their presence and voice. It’s incredible how modern technology helps the human being and it delivers only the greatest solutions in order to make his or her life easier.

The six cell battery makes sure that you can use the Toshiba Tecra R10 laptop for as long as you want, without staying all the time with the power adapter plugged in. as you can see every thing is delightful and it’s easier for you and we know that you like the idea of owing such a gadget, so what stops you?

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