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Toshiba USB optical retractable mini mouse

In case you feel that your laptops’ touchpad doesn’t help you at all and you just can handle it, there’s always the variant in which you can apply for a mouse. In this case we’ve got a great offer for you and it can be found around the price of $15 and it’s brand new.

Toshiba USB optical retractable mini mouse 2

The accessory that we’re suggesting is Toshiba USB optical retractable mini mouse. You can find it in various colors like nova black, royal blue, sable brown, java brown, posh pink and nova white.

Let’s leave those unimportant aspects behind and see really what this mouse is all about. Well, for starters it is considered really fast and it’s ultra precise in the same time. You won’t stumble through any problems when it comes to using this mouse, because it has a great scroll wheel that functions pretty great and there’s also the Tillt-Wheel technology that permits you to use this accessory in a convenient way and with no matter what hand you’re used to.

Toshiba USB optical retractable mini mouse 3

With the Tilt-Wheel function that we’ve just mentioned previously, you’re not going to browse through web pages from up to down and the reverse, but also you’re going to do it horizontally, this means that you can access in this manner web pages, Word and Excel spreadsheets and documents.

With the true Plug and Play USB connectivity the universal compatibility is available with all Windows operating systems and Linux (Ubuntu) laptops. This is indeed a must have product for those that have laptops and feel like they can cant with their touch pads and track pads.

As you can observe all the colors of this mouse are adapted to the colors of the Toshiba mini netbooks. Besides that, you can observe the symmetrical shape that permits you to use no matter what hand you like, it’s small and it can be carried really easily in the places where you go.

Toshiba USB optical retractable mini mouse 4

Another thing that you have to know is that it’s ultra lightweight and you won’t even feel it in your hands. Oh, and for those that can’t stand wires and cables it’s just ideal because it has a retractable cord and this mean that you can adjust the wire in a convenient manner. As you can see there are all the reasons in this world to buy this accessory: it’s light, it’s small and really effective in the same time.

We hope that our suggestion helps you in such a manner that you’re thinking of buying this product, because sincerely you’ve got all the reasons to like it and desire is as an accessory. Also, hope that we could help you in a way or another with this Toshiba mouse.

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