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Two ultra portable laptops from Fujitsu

It’s hard and easy nowadays to find the appropriate laptop. Why is it hard? Because you don’t know what’s the solution for you and what you’re really searching for and it’s easy because there are so many products that are designed for all tastes that you just can’t imagine!

All the great brands have different categories of such gadgets that are designed according to the tastes of the consumers and what they’re looking for exactly. For instance, Fujitsu has grouped their laptops and notebooks into several categories and one of them is the thin and light gadgets that we’re going to speak about today.

LifeBook T4310 Tablet Pc2

The first suggestion is the LifeBook T4310 Tablet Pc, which has been mentioned in several of our topics. This one hast a starting price of $1,149 and it’s very easy to be carried around and thin in the same time. The basic configuration with the price that we’ve just mentioned recommends a Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, a 12.1 WXGA backlit display which is also multi-touch and supports on-screen gesture manipulation.

Also this laptop has a spill resistant keyboard, which is ideal for those that are a little clumsy and don’t pay attention when it comes to their gadgets; also let’s not forget about the input digital microphones and the webcam that will turn out to be useful every time you want to maintain a video conference with somebody.

LifeBook T4310 Tablet Pc3

Some other things that shouldn’t be forgotten to be mentioned about are the Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 processor, the dual digitizer, 4 GB DDR3, 320 GB, the integrated ambient light sensor and there are also some other things remaining too, but these are essential.

Next on our list of suggestions for Fujitsu ultra thin and portable laptops is the LifeBook T5010 Tablet PC that has a starting price of $1,749. The basic configuration of this gadget includes a Windows Vista Business operating system or the Windows 7 Professional; the Intel Centrino 2 processor with the vPro technology and there’s also the optical drive, the different security features and also let’s not forget about the built-in webcam and digital microphones.

T5010 Tablet PC

The 13.3” WXGA display will offer you vivid images and you definitely won’t get bored with it in your lap. Also, it has an ultra portable and thin aspect, and it won’t be a problem to carry it around. As you can observe this gadget is ideal for those business people that are on the run or even you, a simple traveler that expect so many things from your laptop!

T5010 Tablet PC2

All of these being said, we hope that we could help you in a way or another and that you made decision concerning appropriate gadget for you; if these seem to expensive for your budget then you definitely can look after other gadgets that we’ve mentioned in one of our previous articles and you can be sure that you’re going to find the appropriate one for you!

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