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Ultra-thin notebooks from Fujitsu

When it comes to cheap laptops and such gadgets it’s hard to find one that suits you totally. We would like to give you a helping hand concerning these products and also mention that you’re offered their starting price and accordingly to the configuration you like, you have other prices.

We have here a list of Fujitsu gadgets with their starting prices and some of their features. These products are presented as ultra-portable ones and maybe we will help you in a way or another.

The first product we would like to talk about is the LifeBook P3010 notebook that has an AMD Athlon Neo Processor, Windows 7 Home Premium, it is ultra thin, and it has a full-size keyboard, wireless and Bluetooth! The starting price for this gadget is $549 and we must admit that it is very cheap with good technical features. You can be sure that you keep in touch with this mignon notebook, it also has an input webcam and also a 11.6” display with great resolution.




The next portable computer we’re going to talk about is the LifeBook T2020 Tablet PC with Intel Core 2 Duo Ultra Low Voltage Processor and Windows Vista Business. This gadget has a convertible form factor from notebook to tablet or reverse the roles; it depends on your moods! The WXGA display with active digitizer has a 12.1” size and also has great resolution. The gadget doesn’t weigh too much and it has a Wi-Fi, which means that you can easily maintain conferences and video discussions with your partners or your family! $1,549 is the starting price for this gadget and it deserves every last penny from our perspective.






We continue with the LifeBook P770 notebook on which we had a precious topic some time ago. This gadget has an Intel Core i7 processor, Windows 7 Professional, very light weight; it has an optional webcam and a gesture-enabled touchpad. The 12.1” display certainly works great and has great colors. This gadget will be very helpful during your repeated travel tours and let’s not forget to mention that it has a starting price of $ 1,649!






The first gadget has a great starting price and you should get advantage of it! If you’re willing to invest more in a mobile gadget, then you can choose between the last two presented. Ultra-light weight is the key word for all the notebooks presented above: if you’re interested, do extra researches!

Image credits: Fujitsu.com

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