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White laptops 2

Here’s how we continue with offering you some other suggestions of white laptops that we’re sure you’re going to find useful enough when it comes to purchasing the appropriate laptop and that has a gorgeous color and looks gorgeous in the same time, being the right accessory for you.

So, here’s how we start with a gorgeous looking laptop that has also interesting features in the same time. The laptop that we’re talking about is the Elonex “Silver” ultra slim laptop that won’t involve any difficulties when it comes to carrying it around in all the places you go. Let’s also add that this one has at the basis the Intel Atom CPU, a Windows XP operating system, 1 GB of RAM, a 160GB HDD and a 12” display that isn’t going to seem enough for some of you- but you can still multitask and see your favorite movies on it. There’s also the incorporated webcam that you have to know about and that is great when it comes to maintaining video conferences and stuff like that. It’s indeed an interesting laptop and let’s not forget that it’s white.

Elonex “Silver” ultra slim 2

Elonex “Silver” ultra slim 3

The other white laptop that you have to know about is the Msi X Slim X340 that has gorgeous features as well and you can be certain that it’s not going to let you down. This one has an Intel SU3500 processor with a speed of 1.4GHz; also it has 320GB of HDD as well as the Windows Vista Home Premium operating system that is not going to involve any problems when it comes to its usage. We’re certain that you’re going to find it useful for a future laptop option.

Msi X Slim X340

Msi X Slim X340 2

The last suggestion that we have as a white laptop consists of the Acer Aspire One 533, which is of course made in the tone we propose to you- white. This one has an Intel Atom N455 processor, as well as the 1GB of memory to which we add the 250GB of HDD that are going to turn out really useful when it comes to storing all your files and applications there. The other thing that we want to mention about is the Windows 7 Starter operating system that is also a great feature you have to know about and we’re sure you’re not going to encounter any difficulties when it comes to using it.

Acer Aspire One 533

All the white laptops we’ve been mentioning about are kind of affordable and really great for using in the same time and you can be certain that they won’t let you down if you decide to purchase them in the time being. We totally recommend them and we’re sure that you’re going to end up with a really effective laptop in the end.

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