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White laptops 3

So, did you think that our examples of white laptops ended with the last topic? Well, be certain that we’ve got some other suggestions which definitely need to be taken into account and maybe we’re speaking of your future laptop, why not?!

We start this topic with the Samsung N130 laptop that has interesting features about it, it’s really affordable and you can be certain that it won’t let you down while you’re on the run. The 10.1” display makes sure that you’re going to take advantage of your favorite movies and also multitasking doesn’t seem a problem as well. In fact, we consider this laptop quite interesting and it’s a good option to apply for! Be certain that you’re going to end up with a good bargain in the end….

Samsung N130 2

There’s the other white laptop that we want to suggest to you and this one is the Msi X400 laptop which is definitely interesting as an option. It has an Intel SU3500 processor with a speed of 1.4GHz, also there’s the memory size of 2GB and let’s not forget about the 500GB of HDD. All these compose a gorgeous laptop which we’re sure you’re going to enjoy pretty much and you can be certain that it is a good option.

Msi X400

There’s also the Samsung Samx125ja01 laptop that we want to mention about, this one is of course in the white option as well, it has a compact style and really gorgeous in the same time. Although it’s small, it has important features as well and you can be certain that it’s going to offer an interesting feedback.

Samsung Samx125ja01

The other option that we want to mention about is the Allfine Mini netbook that is going to deliver important and useful features to you as well. This one has a 7” display which we’re sure you’re going to enjoy pretty much while you’re on the run. The free space size doesn’t tell too much, but you can be certain that for your daily activities you’re going to have the perfect companion with you.

Allfine Mini netbook

There’s also the Packard Bell EasyNote laptop that has a strong processor with speed of 2.1GHz and that is going to seem a really good option as well. You can be certain that this one is not going to let you down, it’s very useful and it comes in handy in your daily activities with the 15.6” display. You’re going to find this one pretty useful and we’re certain you’re going to love it from the first instant and let’s not forget it’s white as well!

Packard Bell EasyNote

We’re done with white laptops up to this moment and we’re certain that you enjoyed reading about the options that we had to offer to you pretty much!

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