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White laptops

Some of you may be looking for the perfect laptop, but other search for one that has a particular exterior color and see their gadget as an accessory. We don’t see any disadvantage in doing this, because in this way you’re going to make the mobile computer that you carry with you as a part of you and this is definitely something that tells many about you- surely, you’re a person that pays attention to every little detail and we’re certain that this is your case.

In the lines to come we’ve searched for some white laptops that are definitely going to seem a great option that you surely have to take into account. No more to say! Let’s cut the chit chat and continue with presenting such gadgets that we’re sure are going to be an interesting option and we’re sure that you read about them in some of our previous articles but you didn’t know if they’re in the white option!

The first suggestion with which we want to start our article and of course we’re speaking about a white laptop- Apple MacBook…. This one has a 13” display that is going to seem a good feature while you’re on the run and you want to watch your movie or simply check up on the latest stuff.

Apple MacBook 2

This one has at the basis a 250GB HDD as well as a really powerful processor that has a speed of 2.4GHz. Indeed, it’s a strong laptop that we’re sure you would love to hold in your hands, but it’s kind of expensive in the same time. Besides the fact that it’s expensive you can be certain that it has a high level of quality and also let’s mention that the operating system isn’t that hard to use and you won’t encounter any difficulties while you’re using it.

Apple MacBook 3

The other white laptop that we thought it would be a really interesting option for you is definitely this one- the Sony VAIO from the E series. Let’s also mention that this one has a 15.5” display that will turn out to be really useful whenever you’re on the run and you want to enjoy a good movie or you simply want to do your daily activity of blogging. Besides the fact that it’s white, it’s also slim in the same time and you can be certain that you’re going to enjoy using its features in the same time.

Sony VAIO from the E series

Sony VAIO from the E series 2

Also, these aren’t the unique examples that we’re offering as white laptops, there will be other more in the same time and we expect you to tell us in what particular colors you’re interested in having your laptop!

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