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Windows 7 vs Windows Xp on netbooks

Netbook makers are sharing more features that seem to push consumers to apply for these petite gadgets. You already know the pros and cons of such a gadget don’t you? Well, first of all you have to take into account that it’s cheaper and most of all that you can carry it in all the places you go.

There’s also the problem of the operating system and now we’re getting back to what we mentioned previously that in which the big producers try to offer you only the best features and they do this throughout the software, not only through the hardware.
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This time we thought it would really be a great idea to take into account the Windows 7 operating system on netbooks. How does it work? How reliable it is and the feedback that you receive – is it just how you expected?

So, how is the Windows 7 in comparison with the Windows XP operating system? Well, you already have got the answer in your head; because it’s certain that the first is much more efficient than the latter. The Windows XP operating system doesn’t offer as many advantages as the Windows 7, but in the same time, in a netbook you can’t be so sure that it’s going to work that great.

windows 7 vs windows xp on netbooks

Starting with basics, which means installing the software you’re not going to encounter major difficulties in what concerns this matter. Also, don’t forget about the ACPI driver and if you’re going to forget about it Windows 7 will recall you that you forgot about something. Another thing is to install the graphics driver and it’s going to work just how you want it, but make sure that you don’t get nervous whenever it happens to get blocked or things like that, it happens – in some cases it’s not going to work as you expected.

As for the Windows XP operating system, it turns out that it’s kind of difficult whenever it comes to installing it and you’re going to get kind of bored during the installation. Don’t worry, because with lots of patience and if you’re used to this type of operating system you’re going to end up with the software installed.

So, what do we noticed from the two types of operating systems and particularly on netbooks? Well, first of all Windows XP operating system is not that out of the ordinary, but it works certainly better than the Windows 7 on netbooks. How about that? As for the installation part it seems that the latter beats the first one when it comes to the speed of installation.

Good luck in choosing the right operating system for the netbook you hold!

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