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Wireless accessories from Fujitsu

Getting advantage of the wireless features everywhere he goes is essential for the modern human being. He always needs to keep in touch with the latest new things and he needs to know exactly what’s happening around him. How could this be more efficient for him? Well, you, the modern human being can apply for various wireless accessories that can be purchased for different prices and we’re recommending you, as usual, the official sites.

We start with some suggestions from Fujitsu; the first one is the Netgear 54 Mbps wireless PC card 32-bit that offers you flexibility of access and freedom of movement in the same time. This card will offer you very fast speed in comparison with the IEEE 802.11b wireless networks that can be usually found in public wireless spots, businesses and homes.

Let’s see exactly what is this card all about, shall we? This one works with IEEE 802.11n and 802.11g, it can go to speeds up to 54 Mbps, it can offer office roaming for users of notebook PCs, there’s a shared broadband Internet resources and access, it’s really lightweight, you won’t even feel that you’ve applied for it(40g). The system requirements ask for an Intel Pentium processor, a Windows XP operating system and it’s available for a large range of laptops and netbooks from Fujitsu. And another thing that we forgot to mention is the fact that you can find this product around the price of $60.

We continue with another suggestion from Fujitsu and we’re speaking about the Netgear Cable/DSL wireless router 54 Mbps that costs around $90. This one is really easy to install, just follow some cues and your laptop will indicate what needs to be done. Also, it can be used by computers, client devices and gaming consoles.

wireless accessories from Fujitsu 2

Let’s continue with mentioning some features of this accessory and maybe you’re going to feel tempted to purchase it in the future time. So, let’s see: it has really fast speeds, up to 54 Mbps in 2.4 GHz mode, also you can share your DSL Internet or cable without or with ISP, you’re going to install this accessory very easily and in a very interactive mode, it weighs 0.3 kilos, it has also True Firewall, it has easy functions and applications. What requirements does this application have? Well you need a Broadband Internet service as well as a modem with Ethernet connection, there’s the Windows XP operating system needed and at least the browser Internet Explorer 5.0.

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