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Wireless mice

Some of you may not get used with the idea of always tapping in order to browse on the web or even to search in your own document pages. We need to mention the fact that we found some interesting accessories for you that will certainly be helpful every time you feel like you can’t manage your finger anymore…

The first wireless mouse we want to talk about has a starting price of $23 new and $18 used. This is a Microsoft portable wireless notebook mouse, which is ideal for connecting directly to the Bluetooth PC, without any transceiver or something like that; also just think of the fact that the USB ports are going to be free for other purposes. This product is in white and silver tones in case this thing really interests you, and we’re sure it does, because aspect is really important.

Microsoft portable wireless mouse

We continue with the Logitech V450 Nano that has a nano-receiver that needs to be placed in your laptop. There’s also a great power management that will confer you up to one year of battery life a thing that is really great and let’s also mention that this laser mouse has a rubber grips part that will definitely offer you comfort. This wireless mouse has a starting price of $33 new and $20 used. Oh and let’s also not forget that this product can be found in red and black colors a fact that is considered to be really tempting.

Logitech V450 Nano

The next wireless mouse we want to talk about has a starting price of $20 being new and around $13 used. This great looking accessory in blue and black is especially meant for comfort and let’s also mention that we’re talking in particularly about the Logitech V220 cordless optical mouse designed for notebooks and that has soft rubber grips and an ergonomic design making everything easier.

Logitech V220

This marvelous accessory can be found around the price of $40 in its new variant and we just love the way it looks. It is a great combination of metallic gray tones. The Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 is meant to be used while you’re staying the most relaxing manner with your hand. This product has a great ergonomic design and the shape of this product reduces the pressure on the hand and in the wrist.

Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000

The next product we want to speak about may be considered rather expensive, it can be found around the price of $61 and in a new variant. We’re speaking about the Apple Magic Mouse that is designed on the laser technology. Let’s not forget the fact that this product is first of its type, it is a multi touch mouse and it’s of course from Apple in an astonishing design and great looks.

Apple Magic Mouse

You can scroll in any direction, swipe through images, click anywhere or do whatever you like and you can do these on a great looking shell, which is really smooth when it comes to touching and things like that. Your ports will be saved, because this accessory doesn’t have other accessories with it and you can be sure that this white thingy will always help you no matter the situation.

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