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X Slim Series notebooks from Msi

MSI has the X Slim Series notebook, which are great looking and certainly will catch your eye from the first sight. Depending on the configuration it has such a notebook varies from a starting price of $599, $629, $699 or $799. As you can see it’s not extremely expensive and if you know how to blend its internal parts you may obtain an interesting price!

The gadget can have the Intel Core 2 Solo processor, Intel Atom processor or Intel Centrino processor. No matter what you decide on, we recommend all of them and you’ll definitely good results and a great technology experience with it. Multi tasking won’t seem a problem for the X Slim Series gadgets.

MSI X400-204US X-Slim

When it comes to the operating system you’ll have a Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium or Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium (for the X320-037US, X340-023US, X340-021US products). So browsing on the Internet and other activities will be piece of cake with this gadget….

The display size varies from 13”, 14” and 15.6”. All these displays offer the ultimate visual experience and you can be sure that you’ll enjoy your free time with the X Slim Series gadget. Seeing the last movies or playing easy games will be extra pleasing experiences…. Also you’ll see your documents and applications in the greatest resolution!

You can say that these gadgets are really the “very vest expression of slim aesthetic”. It’s ultra thin and you can carry it all around with you. Place the gadget in a special case or in your bag and you won’t feel a thing! You’ll be delighted to see that you can hold it in one hand and that it’s really slim!

MSI X600-096US X-Slim

The X Slim Series has the Ergonomic De-Stress keyboard from MSI. So pressing the buttons will be a piece of cake. In fact you won’t even feel that you’re touching them! Your fingers will simply slide on the keyboard….

All the gadgets from this series have the 1.3 MP input webcam. Use the 802.11 g/g/n Wireless LAN and make video conferences with your business partners or your friends. As you can see MSI simplifies all for you….

Besides all the things mentioned up until now the gadget has also an advanced power saving technology, which means that it has a long resistant battery and you’ll be able to get advantage of this marvelous gadget for several hours!

MSI X340-218US X-Slim

The HDMI helps you to see your favorite movies and shows on a wide screen, from the X Slim gadget to the screen in your room or other rooms.

The notebooks that have a starting price of $799 have theater class 4 speakers, which are qualifies by the latest Dolby Surround. And what’s in addition also? The ATI Radeon HD 4330 3D Graphics Card. So, only great things about these gadgets as you can observe!

Images credits: msi.com

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